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The founder and owner of HOST A CONCERT is Andrea Loetscher (click). As a concert flautist, soloist and orchestral musician she has worked with a wide variety of distinguished musicians and artists and played in all parts of the world. She has been organising concerts since her Conservatory studies. After further studies in Marketing & Management at the University of Basel, Andrea took the entrepreneurial step of professionalising her concert organising skills. This resulted in developing HOST A CONCERT as a viable business.

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Andrea Loetscher
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The compilation of prices is depending on the artists, how many musicians you book, travel costs, the program and additional equipment. For further information about your tailor-made life music event, please get in contact with us.

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“The performance was a surprising, sophisticated, pleasant and very attractive programme. The guests were totally enthralled. Andrea Loetscher designed the performance with great expertise and sensitivity. The programme title “Tango is not a crime” is perfect for less experienced listeners as well as classical music fans. With her explanations between the pieces, Andrea Loetscher was able to open the ears and the hearts of the listeners. Her customised product, straightforward and direct communication and superb client orientation won me over. The value-for-money ratio was also appropriate. It was also possible to chat to the musicians after the concert, giving our guests even more insight into their music and personalities. This created poignant memories and lasting experiences. More of the same, please – we were very satisfied.”

Diana Hartz, Leiterin Wirtschaftsförderung Nidwalden, Stans

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