Personalized concert

Yes, you can tell a company’s story through music, by connecting it with the political climate and musical history at the time of its foundation and developmental period.


Company concert

Yes, you can express economic interrelationships through music – what do, for example, economics and J. S. Bach have in common?


Exclusive concert

An exclusive concert for your top partners, in fine surroundings and with a famous, world-class ensemble – guaranteed to leave everyone marvelling. Musicians you would only otherwise experience in a large concert hall playing just inches away from you: what a sensation!


Partner concert

One for all – all for one: Music too sounds best as part of an ensemble. A team that works together far surpasses an ensemble of mere soloists. Cooperative relations within music have much in common with business relationships and team-building. We play and attempt to comment on and explain it.



So the birthday boy or girl has a close link with Spain? Expect a flamenco evening interwoven with anecdotes about the birthday child.


Awards ceremony

Music in keeping with the motto “celebration”. With jazz classics or traditional fireworks, the occasion is even more special!


Music Brunch

How about some French chansons over a warm croissant?


Musical matinee

How about a musical trip around the world with music and food from all the continents?


Lunch concert

“Break up” the day with music – a little midday reflection can make those extra couple of hours in the office or at home much nicer, stimulate the synapses and spur you on to perform at your best!


Afternoon tea concert

Gentle string chamber music accompanies you into the early evening – as good as the icing on the cake…


Music dinner

Spoil your guests with romantic music by candlelight and selected poetry from this era!


Life’s moments

Music accompanies us throughout our lives: At births, baptisms and marriages, on wedding days and birthdays… HOST A CONCERT brings fullness and festivity to every occasion!



Each event is designed and developed according to the customer’s needs. The customer benefits from tailored advice from HOST A CONCERT. We take care of the musicians and ensembles as well as the planning, organisation and hosting of performances.

HOST A CONCERT focuses on classical music, contemporary music and, by special request, the musical styles of folklore and classic jazz. Should the event be held externally, HOST A CONCERT maintains additional relationships and collaborations with various event rooms and catering services.



… a chamber ensemble that steals the
show with the traditional highlights of
the grand masters Joseph Haydn,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or
Ludwig van Beethoven

… the Latin-American beats of
a tango evening with guitar,
flute and violin

… music from the 17th and 18th centuries,
celebrated using historical instruments

… the spontaneous improvisations of a
young and virtuoso jazz ensemble

… contemporary music interpreted by
young shooting stars

… a candlelit soirée with romantic
cello and piano music